“Highgate House shaped me as the mother I am today”

“I spent my early days as a mother here.  Highgate House shaped me as the mother I am today. My kids spent their early days as little people here.  Highgate House shaped them as the adults they will be in the future. Highgate House gifted as with the imagination & creativity we have today. I love this place & I’ll be forever grateful. They both started at Highgate at 18 months & left at 5.5 years old.  They now enjoy school, homework & learning. Their teachers observe them to be eager & curious learners that are active in class, eager to help their peers & teachers, courageous to try new things, and are not afraid to fail.  They are both sociable & can fit in many peer groups. I credit all of that to the 5 years we spent at Highgate House.”

Joanne Kan, mother of Jasmine (age 12), Jeanie (age 8) both currently at ISF G6 & G2.