Inclement Weather Arrangements

Tropical Cyclone and Rainstorm Warning Information

We advise all parents to exercise their discretion in deciding whether or not to send their children to school during inclement weather. Please keep children at home if you consider that the local weather or traffic conditions are unsafe. The following procedures are as set out by the Education Department Bureau:

Tropical Cyclones

In the event of tropical cyclones/typhoons affecting Hong Kong, the following arrangements will apply and appropriate public announcements will be made:

Situation Action to be taken
Hoisting of No.1 All schools, including kindergartens, to
operate as usual
Hoisting of No.3 All kindergartens to close
Hoisting of Pre-No.8/No.8 or above All schools to close
Lowering to No.3 All kindergartens to close
Lowering to No.1 or lowering of all Signals All schools to resume with the next session unless previous announcement that classes are suspended all day

If school is in session when a No. 3 or above is hoisted, children will be kept in school until safe and adequate arrangements have been made for them to return home.

Please check the Education Department website homepage: and the Hong Kong Observatory announcements. Click HERE for the EDB information leaflet.

Heavy Persistent Rain

In the event of heavy persistent rain affecting Hong Kong, the RED or BLACK warning will be issued and broadcast over radio and television.

For AMBER rainstorm signal – school will be open as usual.

RED or BLACK Rainstorm Warning Signal Action to be taken
Issued from 5.30am and before 8am MORNING classes cancelled.
Issued from 8am and before 10.30am If children have already arrived at school, children to be kept in school until safe and adequate arrangements are made for them to return home.
Issued from 10.30am and before 1pm. AFTERNOON classes cancelled. Children already on site to be kept in school until safe and adequate arrangements are made for them to return home.
Issued from 1pm onwards Children already on site to be kept in school until safe and adequate arrangements are made for them to return home.


Do afternoon classes still run if No.3/Red Rainstorm is lowered in the morning?
The EDB will announce on their homepage that if No.3 signal or Red Rainstorm is still in force by 10.30am, all PM classes will be suspended. To clarify, we follow this policy, so if the signal is lowered or cancelled before 10.30am then our PM classes will resume.


What time will PM/afternoon classes resume?
Currently, our afternoon (PM) classes for Nursery/Kindergarten age commence at 1pm and include Mandarin, Creative Activities and Transition to Primary classes amongst others. Usual school bus services may not be available -please check with the school office. Our Parent and Child/Parent & Baby classes resume at the usual PM start time of 2.45pm.


What if my child has already set off for school or is in school when the No.3/Red Rain signal is hoisted?
School premises will be open and staff members will be present to supervise unaccompanied children until it is safe to return home.

Please also check our Facebook page and your emails for further updates.

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