Highgate House School is non-sectarian. The question of religion is left strictly to the family. Our teachers, children and parents, come from a huge array of countries and back grounds with a diverse variety of religious beliefs.
In school we celebrate a selection of festivals. The teachers choose which festivals to celebrate based on which festivals are important to the children in the class.

The majority of children go to International schools and ESF schools after they leave Highgate House.

For children entering the nursery class we usually ask an adult to accompany them for the first few days. The teacher will discuss which each parent the appropriate separation plan for their child.
Kindergarten children are expected to come into the class on their own, but we advise a parent or carer to stay close by in the first few days of school so that we can call if needed.

Each class has a set rhythm/order of activities which is the same each session. The rhythm alternates between free, imaginative play time and directed teacher lead activities. Each session includes creative play, craft, music and movement, snack, outdoor play and story.

We have a variety of books available in each classroom for the children to look at and read with a friend or teacher during creative play time. Story time at the end of the session is a simple puppet show and is told by the teacher to the group.

As all of our school snacks are homemade here in school. We plan our snack schedule based around any allergies children may have.

The children wear rain boots when they play outside in the garden. This means they can play freely in the sand, splash in puddles and get messy without having to worry about getting their shoes wet and dirty. Rain boots can be purchased from Stanley Market, Li Yuen Street in Central, Bumps to Babes and Mother Care.

Children change to indoor shoes before they enter their classroom. Indoor shoes can be anything which is easy for the child to put on and take off by themselves. They need to be comfortable and easy for the child to move around without them coming off.

We ask children to bring fruit with them to share with their class on the first day of the week. They can bring anything they wish – just a small amount is fine. For example a bunch of grapes or a few oranges.

We stock a variety of beeswax crayons, natural paints, wooden toys, homemade dolls and books for both adults and children.

These items are supplied by Tree Children Lodge and ‘Over the Moon’