“Highgate educates both the mind and soul. This is the kind of education I want for my children.”

“The older two of three our children (Portia and Sean) were very fortunate to attend Highgate House when we were living in Hong Kong. There were many times where we wished that we’d stayed for a couple more years in Hong Kong so that our youngest (Timmy) could also have the benefit of the Highgate education. Here’s why…

Highgate is an excellent pre-school. The teachers at Highgate were not just well trained in the ways of Steiner Waldorf, they were also dedicated and highly qualified pre-school educationalists who truly understood what early years education was about, what pre-schoolers needed in order to develop that essential foundation so as to blossom and flower, and the aspirations and apprehensions of parents who are embarking on their first step in seeking a first-class international education for their children in the specific context of Hong Kong (and beyond).

People often ask why I feel so strongly about Highgate. This is sometimes difficult to articulate, but I believe is captured by this – Highgate educates both the mind and the soul. This is the kind of education that I want for my children. Today, this unique offering is a very rare find. ”


Xiaolin Chin & Derek Kwan (20