Afternoon Class – Mandarin Class (Multiple Selective Weekday 1:00 pm)

Mandarin Class
As in the Mandarin only groups, this afternoon activity is an immersion approach to language teaching. The children are encouraged to converse freely and practice new vocabulary in a natural way through everyday conversation, songs, stories and other group activities.

Children who are joining at 1pm have the option to have lunch and rest/quiet time between 12pm and 1pm before starting the sessions.

Number of sessions per week Fees
2 sessions HK$ 4,050
3 sessions HK$ 4,990
4 sessions HK$ 5,935
5 sessions HK$ 7,000

Nursery (Mon to Fri 9:00 am)

These classes are to provide an opportunity for children to attend independently and begin to explore the different activities within a social setting under the loving guidance of a teacher. The mixed age group works well to create a harmonious and beneficial learning environment for all the children important language and social skills are practiced naturally. Classes are held in either English, Mandarin or in as a bilingual class in both English and Mandarin. The 2 and 3 day groups can be combined and will then be charged at the 5 day fees.