We work with the inspiration of  Dr. Rudolf Steiner and Dr. Emmi Pikler.  The curriculum respects the essential nature of childhood, enabling children to develop their strengths in an environment carefully thought out according to their needs. In the early years, a home like environment is the most appropriate way to encourage learning. Strong foundations for academics and the developing intellect are formed through movement and exploration, creative, artistic, and practical hands on activities.  Detailed timetables and descriptions of sample sessions are available to read in our school brochure. Links to the educational philosophies can be found here.


English and Mandarin are the languages spoken in school. Our teachers are native speakers who have undergone training in the teaching philosophy of the school. From birth to seven years of age, children absorb language naturally through their daily living experiences and interactions.  The ideal time to learn is during this first seven year period. We encourage language development in the children through the best way that they learn and based on strong evidence. This is through natural and authentic conversation, rhymes, poems, music and movement, stories and most importantly a strong and trusting relationship with a teacher.